BIKEM Videos

Binational Cooperations in Medical Technology

with Distinguished Professor Geoff Chase

HealthTech Week Interviews

July 2019, Auckland

The following interviews ‘virtually’ bring researchers, developers, and clinicians from New Zealand to Germany.

BIKEM now introduces these interviewees who seek binational collaborations to develop next-generation medical technologies.

Videos co-produced by Baden-Württemberg International

Jake Campbell

PhD Candidate, University of Canterbury

I am undertaking my PhD in the development of non-invasive optical medical sensors for the use in hospital and home life with the goal of improving a doctors quality of measurement and a patients quality of life.

Geoff Chase + Geoff Shaw

Distinguished Professor, University of Canterbury + Intensivist, Christchurch Hospital

Chase: I apply engineering modeling to clinical medicine for clinicians and patients who need improved care and outcomes at reduced cost so they can equitably provide/receive personalised, next-generation medical care.

Maneesh Deva

Paediatrician, Waitematā District Health Board

I am Maneesh Deva, I love to find new ways to improve the health of children. I have expertise in Paediatrics and Child Health. I have been a full time Paediatric Consultant for 7 years in New Zealand.

Sarah Howe

PhD Candidate, University of Canterbury

I provide systems and control modeling for research and design projects which need engineering insight to mechatronics technology, with a current focus on medical technology.

Kyeong Tae Kim

PhD Candidate, University of Canterbury

I provide both technical and knowledge in medical trials for doctors who needs implementation of new technology and management of clinical trials.

Haribalan Kumar

Research Fellow, University of Auckland

I am passionate about employing imaging-based models of the respiratory system to provide quick and efficient engineering solutions for advancing both existing and next-generational technologies. 

Richard McCulloch

Managing Director, KM Medical Ltd

The NextStep is a Volume-Controlled Resuscitation and Ventilation platform developed to mitigate Neonatal Volutrauma, Itraventricular Haemorrhage and Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, impacting ~3M Newborns Annually.

Debbie Munro

Senior Lecturer, University of Canterbury

I am a biomedical and mechanical engineering researcher with a long history in academia and industry who designs solutions that help people live their best possible lives.

Robyn Whittaker

Associate Professor, National Institute for Health Innovation
+ Clinical Director Innovation at Waitematā District Health Board

I do mHealth for priority populations with high health needs who need support to make healthy behaviour changes so they can be in control of their own health and live.

Mahyar Osanlouy + Gonzalo Maso Talou + Soroush Safaei

Osanlouy (Lead Scientist + Research Scientist, University of Auckland):
I combine my computational skills with my physiological knowledge to better understand the human body and develop models for other scientists and clinicians so they can provide more advanced, state-of-the-art biomedical technologies to communities.
Website. Email.

Maso Talou (Research Fellow, University of Auckland):
I develop computational models and image processing techniques for research and clinical collaborators who need computational and engineering solutions so they can improve their understanding of pathologies and elaborate new diagnosis/treatment techniques.
Website. Email.

Safaei (Research Fellow, University of Auckland):
I develop computational models for the human brain to unravel the mystery of Alzheimer's Disease so we can detect it earlier than ever before.
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